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Superior RM3

Superior RM3
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Our New Slide-In Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Tub.

The RM3 "Superior" is a free standing, or built-in, side access walk-in tub with superior features that make the RM3 unique in both quality and functionality. Offering the utmost in versatility with its distinctive contoured design for ultimate clearance and comfort.

  • Width = 30"
  • Length = 50"
  • Height = 40" Deep Tub


  • Opening Direction = Left or Right, your choice
  • Opens Out
  • Out opening swing radius = 39"
  • Note: Your out opening tub door should open into your room unobstructed by anything, such as a toilet, door, cabinets, etc. Leave enough space for easy access by wheelchairs, etc.


  • Side Panels = To cover sides if tub located where sides exposed
  • Right Side
  • Left Side


  • Replaces and Fits Into the Space of a Standard Existing Bathtub
  • Safe, Simple, Easy Entry and Exit
  • Door Threshold is a Mere 3.8" High
  • Extra Wide 30" Door for Easy Accessibility (Suggested: Allow 31" for Full Door Swing)
  • Available with a Right or Left Hinged Door
  • Easy Lever Door Handle
  • Note: This Model is Not Available With a Built-In Seat
  • Quick Draining System Includes Safety Speed Middle Drain
  • Standard 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on the Tub
  • Comes in White

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