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The Handi-tub

The Handi-tub
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Certified Walk-In Tub


Rapid Drain Technology!

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Perfect for People with a Mobility Handicap or Wheelchair

Easy Accessibility... Simply Sit and Pivot

Dimensions: 59.75" L x 30" W x 38" H


  • Easy, Safe, Accessible and Comfortable
  • Great for People Who Rather Than STEP Into a Bathtub Prefer to SLIDE Across Onto a Seat
  • Replaces and Fits Into the Space of a Standard Existing Bathtub
  • Height of Seat is 21" From the Ground for Easy Accessibility
  • Right or Left Mounted Doors– Outward Opening Door Specifically Designed For Those Needing Maximum Accessibility
  • Door is 37.5" Wide (Suggested: Allow 40" for Full Door Swing)
  • Easy Lever Handles
  • A 7.5" Aluminum Safety Grab Bar Mounted on Interior of Bathtub
  • Access Panel on Bottom Provides Access to Drain and Most Mobile Floor Lifts
  • Quick Draining System
  • Stainless Steel Leveling Legs Adjust up to 2" Per Leg
  • Standard 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on the Tub
  • Comes in White

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