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Palm PB-100

Palm PB-100
Our Price: $59.00
Portable Travel Bidet ALL NEW portable bidet: The Palm PB-100. Ever feel uneasy in an unfamiliar bathroom when you're traveling? Our new portable and affordable travel bidets are a must when you are using a toilet away from home. The Portable PB-100 bidets will help you enjoy the comforts of home even when you are not. Now with 2 AA batteries-Included- PB-100 bidet offers the best and highest water pressure for a thorough washing. Simply add warm tap water to the portable device for satisfying warm water stream. The travel bidet comes in designer box with spare nozzle, carrying travel bag, battery locking device and two AA batteries. Travel bidets are available in cool blue and warm beige. Dealers or to buy portable bidets inquire by contacting 800-958-4006

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