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Duo B-250

Duo B-250
Our Price: $150.00
The Duo Requires no battery or electricity. Comes with user-controlled warm water feature and temperature control knob along with hot water by-pass function. With convenient NEW dual nozzle system allows user to choose water stream. Softer mist action water stream for feminine use and satisfying efficient water stream for posterior wash. Upgraded product and parts materials for better durability. Simple and Easy operation and installation. Available in White. User-controlled warm water, Temperature control knob, Nozzle selection knob, Dual nozzle, Adjustable pressure control, Self-cleaning nozzle No electricity or battery needed B-250 features: 1. 1.Nozzle Cleaning/Hot water by- pass. Cleans nozzle with high pressured water for enhanced hygiene with by-passing for hot water supply. 2. Temperature Control. Water temperature also can be adjusted to the desired level from Lo to Hi. 3. Water Pressure Control. Water pressure is adjustable to the desired level by switching from Lo to Hi adjustments

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