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Premium B-3000

Premium B-3000
Our Price: $220.00
#1 TRUSTED AND RECOMMENDED NAME IN BIDET PRODUCTS proudly introduces the new B-3000. The first ever invention using the latest technology to maximize not only therapeutic benefits to personal hygiene, but to your health!!! The new "First-Class" B-3000 Premium Bidet is unmatched! It's the newest patented technology available in the world. Introducing the patented invention of hygienic nozzle with VORTEX WATER STREAM! The VORTEX water stream has been scientifically designed to surge a mass of water in a helix motion. This whirly mass of water oscillates in helix form and alleviates difficult bowel movement by loosening the dry hardened feces from the bowels. This is a natural and non-abrasive alternative to laxatives! AVAILABLE IN WHITE & BEIGE We will give you the Best Warranty and the Best Customer Satisfaction!!!

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